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Why Catch the Wally does not run on my device?

Catch the Wally runs on iPhone 5 and newer,  iPad mini retina and newer and iPad 3 and newer on iOS 8 and higher. If Catch the Wally does not run on your device please .

Where can I buy Catch the Wally?

You can buy Catch the Wally exclusively on the iOS AppStore.

What is Catch the Wally about?

Your kids love to discover life around them. They see what we, adults, don’t: a family of insects under a brick, eggshell of a bird, some unnoticeable trace, forgotten old staff in the basement - this list has no end…The rest kids imagine. Catch the Wally is inspired by this infinite curiosity and joy of discovery.

Wally is a wall creature, a naughty little spider who lives behind the wall and loves to hide from the player. While trying to catch the Wally, young players will discover many other creatures who live their small funny lives behind the wall of bricks: neat little mouse, sporty ant, a jolly family of cockroaches at dinner, romantic caterpillar and many-many more.

Catch the Wally got deleted from my iPad. What can I do to get is back for free?

You can just download it again for free. Log onto the app store with the Apple ID you used during original purchase, locate Catch the Wally and click DOWNLOAD.

Are there more animation to discover?

Yes! Let your child discover some small hidden animations under each brick with a character.

The app does not play any sound. What can I do?

Please check if the iPad is not in mute. Your can read here how to switch the sound on.

For which age is Catch the Wally?

Catch the Wally is a calm game with interaction for kids age 3 – 6 and older. Characters are enjoyable for all ages. 

Do you plan Catch the Wally for Android?

We may develop Catch the Wally for Android in the future. Like us on or follow us on .

Do you plan more languages for Catch the Wally?

Catch the Wally can be played without any knowladge of language. 

Are there any in-app purchases in Catch the Wally?

Currently there are no in-app purchases. More than 10 additional stories can be discovered behind the bricks. Those are given as awards for successful playing Catch the Wally and are for free. We may add additional stories as in-app purchases later. Like us on or follow us on .

Does the App work in landscape orientation only?

Yes, Catch the Wally is developed to be played on landscape orientation only.

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