inspired by infinite curiosity and the joy of discovery

Wally is a wall creature, a naughty little spider who lives behind the wall and loves to hide from the player.

While trying to catch the Wally, young players will discover many other creatures who live their small funny lives behind the wall of bricks:

neat little mouse, sporty ant, a jolly family of cockroaches at dinner, romantic caterpillar and many-many more.


Funny Yummy ipad view

About US


why we do what we do:

A good sense of humor provides a broad range of important benefits to children. Funny Yummy Studio believes that kids’ sense of humor is essential to their development.

There are too few apps that stimulate the development of the sense of humor in children. We want to change this.

Therefore Funny Yummy Studio develops kids book-,game, entertainment- and educational apps with a sense of humor in characters behavior, design, animation and sounds.